About us

Cybersecurity Cluster (“Cluster”) is an association of legal entities that deals with legal, procedural and technical issues of comprehensive protection of information security of data assets. At the inaugural general meeting, Ing. Ján Lichvár was elected to be a chairman of the Cluster.

Vision and our mission


Cybersecuriy Cluster's mission is to ensure that the business environment, public administration and self-government are informed of the importance of cybersecurity perceptions for their security against threats to which their infrastructure (software, hardware, applications and networks) may be exposed.

Goals of cluster

Cybersecurity Cluster  aims to engage and promote education at secondary schools, high schools, universities and contribute innovative activities to raising educational standards and awareness in the Slovak Republic in the field of cybersecurity.

At present, the main task of Cybersecurity Cluster is to raise awareness in the field of cybersecurity for all levels, areas and diversity of the business environment and the need to ensure the protection of data assets from the potential threats. In the context of the Cybersecurity Act, based on the slovak legislation, we want not only to help entrepreneurs but also municipalities and other entities and facilitate their progress in the process of implementing and subsequently implementing the necessary security measures.

Cybersecurity Cluster's mission is to connect not only cluster members but also other industries and academic community to develop cooperation, thereby ensuring innovation in the implementation of security measures and to enable Cybersecurity Cluster's members to participate actively in the learning process through dual education and the consequent increase in employment in the Slovak Republic.

Our plan for the near future is to link clusters of similar focus at international level in the first step in the Vishegrád region ( Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovak Republic).

Cybersecurity Cluster's priorites are:

  • Raising educational standards in the field of cybersecurity.
  • Implementation of innovation (state-of-the-art methods and procedures for detecting threats)
  • Creating active cooperation between Cybersecurity Cluster members, business environment, public administration and academic community

Our Activities

  1. creating conditions for the development of cyber security in the Slovak Republic,

  2. raising awareness of citizens and the professional public on issues related to cyber security,

  3. monitoring, analyzing the state of cyber security in Slovakia,

  4. organizing educational programs and other forms of awareness-raising activities in the field of cyber security,

  5. organization of seminars, conferences, sports, cultural and social events, support for networking and capacity sharing,

  6. proposing measures and solutions in the field of cyber security and their enforcement,

  7. innovative and educational projects in the field of cyber security,

  8. communication and cooperation with other interest groups in the fields of ICT and education,

  9. joint projects in the field of applied research, development and innovation.

Project "Cluster Kybernetickej Bezpečnosti"